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Tailor Portfolios & Work with Dream Clients

I’ve got lots of exciting posts half written/half scheduled for the remainder of January. Can’t wait to share some fun projects I’ve been working on as well as some more Freelance Journey posts. The first topic I’d like to chat about is how to tailor your portfolio to get the clients you REALLY want.

Saving time with Streamlined Blogging

Feeling the pressure to constantly produce valuable, one-of-a kind content for your blog? I know I am. It’s pretty darn time consuming and when your job title isn’t solely “blogger”, the pressure to keep up can sometimes be debilitating. For me, I use blogging as a way to connect with other creatives and to gain exposure to new clients interested in the work I’m sharing.

Don’t be Afraid of Torrential Downpours

I should clarify a few things. When I’m talking about downpours, I’m referencing the phrase “when it rains, it pours.” I should also note that we aren’t talking about a delightful rain shower here, we’re talking about the “when it rains, it pours in a bad flood kind of way that destroys everything you’ve been building…” kind of sprinkle.

How To Scale To A Million-Dollar Business

Thousands of new and established companies are competing hard in any given market. So, while it is easy to start a venture including a graphic design business, to take it to the next level and then to turn it into a million-dollar business, you must come up with a precise strategy. You should take every step carefully for the steady growth of your brand.

Make The Most Out Of Your Art Shop

The best part of owning your art-shop with Printshop by Designhill lies in the endless possibilities, empowerment and potential that is already unfolded for you with a vast market at your disposal. Now, what you choose to do with it and how well you market your art to make the most of your artshop is up to you.

Collection: 25 Of The Funniest Design Jokes

Every time you stretch a font, you basically destroy its dimensions and the text ends up looking ugly. This creates a sense of disorganization in the whole image and disturbs the eye of readers. This is generally a huge relatable nightmare for a professional graphic designer and hence considered as one of the funniest design jokes among designers.

Story Telling Through Hand Lettering And Illustration

Out of all of the projects we’ve posted on this year, there are ten that stood out for the creators’ originality and their ability to inspire us to no end. These made us stand back in awe, almost in disbelief that someone could not only think of such a creative idea but execute on it so flawlessly.

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